The Stationery Project

About the Project

We believe that everyone has potentials. What appears to be the smart and the less-intelligent, the high-achiever and the low achiever, the bright and the mediocre, is a condition generated from unequal access to opportunities particularly the basic education. In the state wherein everyone has unlimited access to the opportunities, the good and the bad is merely a manifestation of different perspectives and standards.

Our focus for this project, however, is to provide an opportunity for students in need to experience how it feels to have what you need.. even the smallest thing like having a pencil to write, a book to write on and a cool bag to carry all the ideas and work they have put on together on those papers.

We also want to teach them the meaning of hard work which means that we will put a little game – a competition to tell us the best story about their goals and aspirations. And, the winners will come home with their new backpacks!

Our first project started in Sumba, Indonesia, where we donated our collected charity fund to help providing stationery to students in the remote area in collaboration with Donders Foundation. Another chapter of 150 Stationery Project happened just recently in South Sulawesi, where we collaborated with Halo Jiwa.

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February 2023
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